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Focus your time on running your business with the guarantee that all your CyberSecurity, Compliance, Privacy, and Business Continuity needs are met.


ComplyZoom platform provides professional guidance from a trusted resource along with enterprise grade cybersecurity protection. Our solutions provide C-Level executives and operational teams a complete picture of their cybersecurity health.


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Which Cyber Threats Keep You Up At Night?


  • Ransomware and Malware
  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance
  • Third Party & Supply Chain Attacks
  • Data Breaches
  • Business Continuity & Diaster Recovery
  • Backup
  • Phishing Attacks & CEO Impersonation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Device Attacks
  • Cloud Cyber Security Threats
  • Machine Learning (ML) & other Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Attacks


Solutions For What Keeps You Up at Night!


Protect Your Finances, Reputation and Customers



Comprehensive Business Protection


Hx vCISO ™

Our core competence is providing exceptional Information Security leadership and strategy. We deliver tangible results that are useful to the board of directors, C-Level executives and all key decision-makers. Our services align information security strategies with your company’s unique needs and challenges.

Leverage the expertise of a highly experienced CISO with 15 years of technical expertise and business acumen.


Hx Cybersecurity™

What would a massive cybersecurity breach or tageted cyber-attack cost your company in terms of downtime, reputation damage and financial penalties? How much are you already spending, annually, for compliance and protection? A traditional antivirus, firewalls and routers no longer provide the needed protection against cybercrime. See, monitor, and protect all your important cybersecurity data at a glance: training, health grade, alerts, reports, recommendations, products and services, users, devices, and more.

Easy to access, easy to understand dashboard.

Accurate, Complete and Online, all the time.


Hx Compliance ™

Our compliance offering is designed to protect you from all angles – beyond simple compliance – and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Achieving and maintaining compliance with multiple industry, federal, and state requirements and laws is made easy using our complete privacy and security management software. Achieve and maintain audit readiness.

Respond to Federal and Third Party audits with a simple click of a button.

No obligation to sign up—just a chance to see how the All-In-One Business Protection from ComplyZoom provides you peace of mind. 




ComplyZoom Can Help Organizations Who Have the Following Issues:

  • Multiple standards to comply with (CMMC, DFARS, ITAR, etc.) at once.
  • Hackers getting smarter and more advanced a moving target
  • Outdated cybersecurity infrastructure
  • No disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Disjointed operational strategies and wasted resources
  • Timing constraints and deadlines surrounding compliance
  • Over complication and lack of staffing/expertise
  • Inaccurate data and poor tracking
  • Manual spreadsheets and error-riddled checklists
  • The Audit nightmare – not being adequately prepared for an audit
  • Outdated policies and documentation


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Head-On Approach: How We Can Directly Help You

ComplyZoom takes an integrated approach that covers governance risk and compliance, while also addressing all of your compliance, cybersecurity and cyber resilience needs. We use a risk-based approach to compliance, cybersecurity and spending when addressing all the above problems. We tackle your issues head-on and make the most of your cybersecurity budget. If you need an industry advocate to provide consistent and measurable reduction in risk to help guarantee ROI, ComplyZoom is here. We deliver a detailed plan consisting of tangible results that is useful to a board of directors, senior-level management and all key decision-makers – not just the CISO and IT guys! We make sure your organization can welcome an audit with a confident smile. You will be prepared and ready to answer all questions.


Have additional questions about our vCISO, cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, cyber liability insurance and data breach insurance services and solutions? 


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The No-Panic ComplyZoom Advantage:

  • Higher Quality Information: Integrating GRC information allows management to make more intelligent decisions faster
  • Process Optimization: Non-value-added activities are eliminated and value-added activities are streamlined to reduce lag time and undesirable variation.
  • Better Capital Allocation: Identification of areas of redundancy and inefficiency allows financial and human capital to be allocated more effectively
  • Improved Speed, Efficiency & Effectiveness: The net effect of all the activities above means GRC activities are directed to the appropriate people and departments
  • Protected Reputation: When risks are managed more effectively, your company’s reputation is enhanced
  • Reduced Costs: Lower costs contribute to the overall ROI gains represented by effective GRC activities
  • Validated & Verifiable: Compliance can be assured with one or multiple compliance standards
  • Benchmark Satisfaction: Legal & regulatory compliance requirements will be met
  • Full Documentation: The process is fully automated & all important information will be documented
  • Cyber Resilience: Be truly secure, not only on paper


Have additional questions about our vCISO, cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, cyber liability insurance and data breach insurance services and solutions? 


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4 Simple Steps to Compliance Confidence

Risk and Asset Identification - determine risk obligations/scope
Risk Assessment - aggregate risk, identify control gaps, determine impact, prioritization
Risk Management Roadmap & Action Plan - risk mitigation- gap remediation
Risk Monitoring and Maintenance - demonstrate continuous improvement and maintain progress

ComplyZoom Changes the Game

There’s no “turn-key,” one-size-fits-all solution to cybersecurity and compliance. Every company has its own unique needs, while each industry carries its own specific regulations. With multiple layers of protection our consulting packages are designed to best serve your company based on its risk appetite and level of necessary protection. Every one of these packages offers a snapshot of your current systems and risks, but each package carries out its own level of depth, protection and deliverables.


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Action & Transparency: Our Unique Approach to Digital Privacy Advising

ComplyZoom greatly values transparency. From our first conversation, to your final assessment report, you will be in the loop every step of the way. There are no secrets, hidden costs or hyperbole. Our only allegiance is to you and your company! We act as your compliance and cybersecurity advocate, offering the best advising services to reduce risk and bolster your reputation.

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