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Hx Cybersecurity™ is specifically designed to help you fully protect your business against cyber-attacks and keep your business open and up and running. Stop living in fear of cybercrime – take back control, get cyber clarity with the Hx -Cybersecurity Platform.


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Three Layers of Defense – One Innovative Platform


  1. Hx Foundation

  2. Hx Culture

  3. Hx Technology


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Layer 2- Culture

  • Threat Intelligence Alerts
  • Phishing and Spoofing Simulations
  • Advanced Security Awareness training
  • Cyber Webinars

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Layer 3 – Technology

  • Dark Web Email & Password Scanning
  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Website Hack Scanning and Alerts
  • Network Monitoring Alarm System


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Expert Compliance Consulting When Things Get Confusing

In our experience, we have found that successful businesses can sometimes grow without the proper cybersecurity foundation in place. For instance, as you start to hire new employees to take up additional responsibilities, they may not be adequately trained to adhere to your established protocols. This opens you up to threats from the inside out.

Tying Up Loose Ends & Making the Most of Your Resources

We have also watched as companies adopt new software to protect themselves, but don’t fully understand the technology because it’s too technical, rendering that portion of the cybersecurity budget a waste of money. The experts at ComplyZoom will help you understand new protective technologies, tie up the loose ends left behind by previous vendors/internal staff and test, validate and verify new information privacy systems.


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