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Most business have a laundry list of risks and regulations to adhere to! Some just need to get compliant and they need to do it fast – and they don’t have anyone in-house who is up to the challenge. ComplyZoom has provided this service to quickly get you to where you need and create a solid foundation for later cybersecurity, compliance and/or digital privacy expansion.

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Risks for a New Company

You’ve got the great idea. You’ve set the plan in motion. You’ve opened your doors – but have you protected yourself from digital threats? Many new companies falls short by:

  • Not completing a risk assessment
  • Not having a security plan
  • Not using encryption
  • Not having a tested business continuity plan
  • Not using secure email
  • Not setting up a reliable firewall
  • Not establishing & documenting official policies
  • Not enforcing strong passwords protocols
  • Not safely & routinely backing up important data
  • Not leveraging two-step authentication when accessing internal systems
  • Not having adequate user awareness and security training

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